A place for notes about what I’m reading. These will be pretty raw and like a scientific logbook should do I will (mostly) not edit out mistakes and confusions, but correct them as I go along — when I catch them —

Notes on the Sixth Extinction — Elizabeth Kolbert

Notes on Not a Scientist –Levitan, Dave

Notes on Disappearing Spoon — Kean

Notes on future of work 

Notes on “Darwn’s Unfinished Synphony” — Laland 

Notes on ‘The Serengeti Rules’ by Sean B. Carrol

Notes on ‘Killing Cancer with Apoptosis’ (Cell Suicide)

Notes on ‘Is Health Care a Right?’ (from New Yorker)

Notes on ‘Cancer’s Invasion Equation’ (from New Yorker)

Note on ‘Mass’ 

Notes on ‘The Big Picture’

Notes on ‘Algorithms to Live By 

Notes on ‘Air

Notes on ‘I contain multitudes’

Notes on ‘Misbehaving’

Notes on ‘What is Life’ 

Notes on Unmaking  the Bomb  

Notes on Big Ft Surprise

Notes on Fooled by Randomness 

Notes on the Man who wasn’t there 

Notes on Machines of Living Grace  by John Markoff

Notes on the Quantum Moment by Crease and Goldhaber

Notes on Uniquely Human by Prizant, Barry Mnotes_book

Notes on ‘Creative Destruction’ by Eric Top0l

Notes on ‘Dark Matter and Dinosaurs’ by Lisa Randal

Comment on silly article on direction of time

Notes on Wiggenstein’s Philosophical Investigations

Notes on Nature of Philosophy by Massimo Pigliucci

Notes with music on Sapiens by Yuval Harari

Notes on the Prizm and the Pendulum by Robert Crease